Friday 12pm ... 280-San Francisco-101-San Rafael-Lucas Valley Rd-1-Tomales Bay for lunch. 1-Manchester-Mountain View Rd-Boonville-253- Ukiah-101-Clear Lake-20-Marysville-70-Steve's digs.

In June of 1993 temperatures were in the triple digits when I met Dave Day in Cupertino that Friday at noon. We decided to take the coastal route up where it was cooler then cut east to Steve Smead's home in rural Marysville. We averaged 85mph going north on I-280 to San Francisco. It was a lot cooler in the city. We crossed over the Golden Gate Bridge and took a break at the northern parking lot.

Here's my '86 GL1200I parked in front of Dave's '86 FJ1200. Dave can be seen in the background wearing a white t-shirt with dark sleeves. Neither of us liked to have our pictures taken hence the lack of close-up shots. We weren't blatant exhibitionists, but we sure did love to ride! =8^) We rode north up 101 to westbound Lucas Valley Rd which dumped us out on the coast highway.

We stopped at the Towne Cafe in Tomales Bay for a late lunch on the front patio. Dave is standing on the patio. We continued riding north towards Manchester with butt breaks by Fort Ross and Gualala. Just north of Point Arena, we took westbound Mountain View Rd all the way into Booneville. We then grabbed Hwy 253 to Hwy 20 and rode past Clear Lake to Marysville and called it a night.

Saturday am ... 70-Oroville-99-Chico-32-Forest Ranch for brekkie. 32-Mineral-36-Red Bluff-36-Mad River for lunch. 36-Fortuna at Best Western Motel with pool & hot tub plus free brekkie.

We left Marysville late that Saturday morning. 99 north to Chico then Hwy 32 up to Forest Glen for breakfast at the Union 76 cafe. Stayed on Hwy 32 to Hwy 36 and the Mineral Country Store for refreshments. Down 36 to Red Bluff and over to Fortuna. Stayed at the Best Western that night. We spent a lot of time in the hot tub then had pizza N beer before bagging some Zs.

Sunday am ... 101-Ferndale-Mattole Rd-Humboldt Redwoods SP-101-Leggett-1-Fort Bragg with lunch at Noyo Harbor-1-128 to Boonville-128-Cloverdale-101-San Francisco-680-home.

Had a killer cont'l breakfast and left early that Sunday morning. We visited the Victorian town of Ferndale enroute to Mattole Rd. Had to dodge horse poop and potholes as we climbed up Mattole Rd to the crest and were richly rewarded with a superb view of the coast. On the left is Steve on his '91 ZX-11 with Dave on the right.

Same spot, different angle reveals a farm, dark gray sandy coastline—not one human was visible. Had to savor that viewpoint for awhile until we got restive and started riding downhill. There was cattle all over the road near the farm which kept an eye on us.

While Dave blasted downhill, never looking back, Steve pulled over and suggested that we take a couple of photos at this spot so we did. Here's Grumbler for your viewing pleasure. :) Sure was cold that morning as we got there pretty early.

That would be none other than Steve hogging up the picture. As soon as we finished, Steve tore out of there to catch Dave while I took my time looking for a couple of other locations to take some more photos ... am glad I did.

Stopped here to snap this one which shows my barge parked alongside a charcoal-colored beach. It was weird not seeing anyone else around. That's what motorcycling is all about which is to get away from it all. That's exactly what we did out here.

A closer, better view of the beach with a solitary seagull vying for attention. This portion of the road left the coast behind all too soon as it turned inland towards the Mattole River and the Redwoods. Got back on the bike and hurried after Steve and Dave.

Steve and Dave had parked on Mattole Bridge while waiting for me ... no LEOs around to order us off that bridge. :-) Snapped this pix of the guyz eyeballing Mattole River below while looking westward. You'd think there was nothing but trees from tbis picture. No vehicles went by while we were hanging about.

Clad in full leathers is none other than the legendary Grumbler® himself -- had Steve or Dave known that I had delusions of grandeur, they'd have shoved me into the river. :) No wonder my hands were gripping the railing as if my life depended on it.

Very picturesque Mattole River taken from Mattole Bridge on Mattole Rd in Mattole River Valley. We embarked for Honeydew and took a short break there before crossing the little bridge after which the road disintegrated into a mass of potholes and gravel. We entered the Redwoods and went deep in the bowels of...

Humboldt Redwoods State Park. We pulled over in a sunny clearing and were finally able to remove some of our warm clothing. It was actually nice and warm for a change. We just chilled for awhile.

Another picture from different vantage point. Steve and Dave off answering the call of nature. We finally split to Weott where we went over the options for our next destination which was down to Leggett and out to the coast highway.

The route from Leggett to Westport, especially inside the forest, is a total blast to ride on. Almost like being in a roller-coaster. Steve and Dave were riding better handling and more powerful bikes, but they also tired-out faster so, when they pulled over for a break, I passed them and arrived in Westport *first*! Neener-neener. ;^)

Here's the Eureka Fish Market at Noyo Harbor in Fort Bragg. We had a nice lunch of fish N chips here at a good price. Very relaxing ... decided to take a few more pixs before we split for Booneville via 128.

Caito Fisheries is right behind the Eureka Fish Market. Three fishing boats are moored alongside. It was pretty tranquil out here at Noyo Harbor.

A Coast Guard cutter anchored at Noyo Harbor. Spotted two of them here, but when those guyz have to go out to rescue folks in distress out on the ocean, they've got their work cut out for them.

Another view of Noyo Harbor. We then followed Hwy 128 to Booneville where Steve split home via Hwy 20. Rode with Dave to a burger joint in Cloverdale then down 101 and 280 back to the Bay Area. 1100 miles that weekend and it had been a great bike trip. Was damn sorry it had to end.